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Micro Cement

Large format polished concrete style porcelain tiles available in 4 colour options in sizes 270 x 120 / 120 x 120 / 90 x 90 / 90 x 45 / 60 x 60 / 60 x 30.

Micro Cement is simple! Stylish and modern in appearance and perfect for creating modern minimalist atmospheres. Inspired by the popular micro cement look and polished concrete, this collection implements a simple and elegant design with high functionality in dimensions up to 2700mm × 1200mm and 1200mm × 1200 mm.

Heterogeneities of the natural surface, watery effects and salts become decorative appeal, while the nature of the ceramic material prevents absorption and efflorescence problems. Choosing your colour is simple as each colour is designed work alongside each other. Micro Cement sets a perfect dialogue between timeless and trendy colours and expand the possibilities of combining contemporary surface mixtures.

Micro Cement is available in both R9 and R11 ant slip finishes so is perfect for use both internal and external use.

Micro Cement is available in 20mm thickness in sizes 120 x 120 and 90 x 90 sizes.

Micro Cement is available in PTV +36, PTV +50, R11 and R9 finishes which is perfect for both internal and external spaces.

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Micro Cement prices:

2700mm x 1200mm Price on request
1200mm x 1200mm £60.00 per sqm
900mm x 900mm £50.00 per sqm
900mm x 450mm £50.00 per sqm
600mm x 600mm £40.00 per sqm
600mm x 300mm £40.00 per sqm

Micro Cement is available in the following colours:

Anthracite Tile
Taupe Tile
Grey Tile
Light Tile

Micro Cement is available in the following sizes:

2700 x 1200

1200 x 1200

900 x 900

900 x 450

600 x 600

600 x 300

Can be used in the following

Suitable for Commercial Use  Commercial
Suitable for Domestic Use  Domestic
Suitable for External Use  External
Suitable for Internal Use  Internal
Suitable for Light Commercial Use  Light Commercial
Suitable for Underfloor Heating Use  Underfloor Heating
Suitable for Wet Room Use  Wet Rooms

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