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  • What is the difference between glazed and full bodied porcelain tiles

    Glazed porcelain stoneware is a product with a front surface that has been further enhanced by glazing. It is a material that these porcelain tiles are is particularly suited for use in residential use. Full-bodied porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, is a product whose surface colour is the same all the way through the porcelain tile.

    This specification means that in the rare event of the tile porcelain tile being chipped, the damage can hardly be seen at all.

    The high aesthetic value and the special features of this product means it is particularly suited for use in domestic and light commercial traffic contexts.

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  • Porcelain wood effect floor tiles

    Over recent years porcelain wood effect floor tiles have become very popular in the UK.

    With advances in tile making technology it is now possible to reproduce porcelain wood effect tiles that perfectly replicate natural wood. At Concept tiles we believe we have found the very best porcelain wood effect floor tiles available on the market today and its name is Light Wood.

    We know this is a big claim but trust me when I say, I guarantee that you will not find a more authentic looking porcelain wood effect floor tile. Light Wood is made with the very latest ink jet technology that guarantees that every tile will look different to the next and have a real lift look to the tile. Light Wood is available in tile sizes 1200mm x 200mm and features the unique 1800m x 200mm tile size. Light Wood is available in white, beige, sand, canella, cognac, brown and ash.

    Light Wood has rectified edges so the tiles can be laid with only a 2mm grout line.

    Light Wood is perfect for use with underfloor heating and extremely hard wearing.

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  • Polished Concrete Tiles

    Advantages of polished concrete tiles.

    With polished concrete floors becoming more and more popular. Italian and Spanish tile manufactures have produced convincing copies of polished concrete.

    This is helped by the fact that porcelain tile manufacturers can now produce Extra-large porcelain tiles of up to 1.2m x 1.2m square and large slabs 2.7m c 1.2n with Inkjet technology changing all the time the surface patterns are endless.

    Our Polished Concrete and Micro Cement effect porcelain tiles are made by a total new process called continua. This means the pattern on the surface of the tile runs continuously through the body of the tiles and the top surface is embedded into the surface of the tiles. So the surface of the tile actually looks like it is polished concrete.

    This process guarantee’s no 2 tiles will ever look the same.

    Polished concrete porcelain tiles are perfect for use with underfloor heating. Unlike polished concrete that is prone to cracking.

    Our ranges of polished concrete porcelain tiles are stain proof and acid proof so are very low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

    And most importantly are more cost effective than polished concrete.

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