Exterior tiles - When to use Adjustable Pedestals?

Adjustable Support Pedestals can be used to install large format outdoor tiles. They create a void beneath the paved/tiled surface allowing rainwater to run between and under the slabs. This ensures that there is no standing water left on the surface, improving health & safety by making surface less slippery.

The cavity that is created by the tiles being suspended allows pipes, cabling ducts, and drainage channels to be accommodated and tucked away out of sight. Slabs can easily be reconfigured or removed completely as they are not permanently fixed with adhesive and grout.

Pedestals are ideal for roof terraces, patios, and verandas, Adjustable Support Pedestals allow porcelain paving slabs to be fitted up to the threshold level on roof decks or terraces without any risk of flooding. The 2.2mm positioning lugs create a gap between each slab tile which allows rainwater to pass between and beneath them. The lugs also provide a clear paving line, so the slab tiles can be laid in a straight line extremely quickly and easily.

Technical information

Weight tolerance of 400kg per unit and the strength and consistency have been tested in the laboratory at temperature ranges from +75° Celsius to -40° Celsius.

Structural movement is not an issue as the slab tiles are not grouted together, so no cracks will appear.