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Micro Cement Wall: Light Prints Tile

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Micro Cement Wall is also available in the following colours:

Anthracite Prints Tile
Anthracite Calm Tile
Anthracite Peak Tile
Taupe Prints Tile
Taupe Calm Tile
Taupe Peak Tile
Grey Prints Tile
Grey Calm Tile
Grey Peak Tile
Light Calm Tile
Light Peak Tile

Micro Cement Wall prices

Calm 900mm x 300mm£45.00 per sqm
Prints 900mm x 300mm£15.00 each
Peak 900mm x 300mm£15.00 each
For orders over 50 sqm please call us on 01604 419894 for a discounted bespoke price.

Micro Cement Wall is available in the following sizes

900 x 300