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Hurry we currently have 80 sqm of Style Bone anti slip 60 x 60 which are offering a special limited price of £24.00 per sqm.

Stunning new large cement style tile now avaiable

31st Jan 2017

Fact is the very latest addition to our ranges of large format porcelain tiles.

Designed to replicate the very popular cement look. Fact is perfect for creating modern contemporary design in all environments both residential and commercial and is suitable for both internal and external use.
Fact is available in Grey, Dark Grey, White and Beige

Fact is available in the following sizes:
Please call for more information and prices.
1200mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 600mm
750mm x 750mm
600mm x 600mm
600mm x 300mm

Stunning new large cement style tile now avaiable | Concept Tiles, Designer Floor Porcelain Tiles and Wood Effect Floor Tiles