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3 Wood Project

Designer wood effect porcelain tiles available in 4 colours featuring sizes 1800 x 200 / 1200 x 200

The 3 Wood project grew out of a careful observation of the essence of wood and an attempt to reproduce it faithfully. The name of the tile directly to the research progress that we undertook. We fused three types of wood together (walnut , oak and fake to create the most original look.

This was the origin of a wood-effect line full of natural appeal and a highly varied range of marks. The look, tactile feel, grain and colours recall the classic aspect of wooden boards, with the brown and beige colours, whilst the grey and white recall whitewashed floor boards.

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3 Wood Project prices:

1200mm x 200mm £50.00 per sqm
1800mm x 200mm £70.00 per sqm

3 Wood Project is available in the following colours:

3 Wood Project White Tile
3 Wood Project Brown Tile
3 Wood Project Grey Tile
3 Wood Project Beige Tile

3 Wood Project is available in the following sizes:

1200 x 200

1800 x 200

Can be used in the following

Suitable for Commercial Use  Commercial
Suitable for Domestic Use  Domestic
Suitable for External Use  External
Suitable for Internal Use  Internal
Suitable for Light Commercial Use  Light Commercial
Suitable for Underfloor Heating Use  Underfloor Heating
Suitable for Wet Room Use  Wet Rooms