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Luxe 1.2

Single caliber large format porcelain tile available matt, polished and anti slip finishes in 6 colours in sizes 120 x 120 / 120 x 60 / 60 x 60

​Luxe 1.2 is the very latest addition to our large format 1200mm x 1200mm tile size collection.

Perfect for creating modern contemporary settings. Luxe 1.2 is a full bodied rectified edge porcelain tile series available in both matt and polished finishes in 6 stylish colours.

Which make Luxe 1.2 perfect for both residential and commercial application.

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Luxe 1.2 prices:

1200mm x 1200mm £60.00 per sqm
1200mm x 600mm £57.00 per sqm
600mm x 600mm £50.00 per sqm

Luxe 1.2 is available in the following colours:

Luxe 1.2 Almond
Luxe 1.2 Beige
Luxe 1.2 Milk White
Luxe 1.2 Dark Grey
Luxe 1.2 Light Grey
Luxe 1.2 Mid Grey

Luxe 1.2 is available in the following sizes:

1200 x 1200

1200 x 600

600 x 600

Can be used in the following

Suitable for Commercial Use  Commercial
Suitable for Domestic Use  Domestic
Suitable for External Use  External
Suitable for Internal Use  Internal
Suitable for Light Commercial Use  Light Commercial
Suitable for Underfloor Heating Use  Underfloor Heating
Suitable for Wet Room Use  Wet Rooms