Real Life - Extra Large Porcelain Tiles
Outstanding large format marble effect porcelain tile available in polished and matt finishes featuring tile sizes 240 x 120 / 120 x 120 / 150 x 75 / 120 x 60 / 75 x 75 / 60 x 60

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Real Life is the very latest addition to our large format porcelain tiles.
Real Life marble-effect porcelain tile perfectly reinterpret the most prized marble Calacatta and Statuario and transform your ambiances using unique, noble and sought-after style. The Real life marble-effect porcelain tile collection is versatile and has an unmistakable style, rich in naturalness, able to enrich ambiances using heterogeneous surfaces and delicate decorative accents. If you love the elegance and brilliance that marble evokes, Real Life confers unmistakable style and detail the likes of which have never been seen before.

Real Life is available in both matt and polished and is suitable for both wall and floor use.

Real Life is available in the following tile sizes:

2400mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1500mm x 750mm
1200mm x 600mm
750mm x 750mm
600mm x 600mm
600mm x 300mm

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Real Life - Tile Colours

Life statuario venato tile

Life calacatta oro tile