When choosing your new basin, it is important to view it as more than just an essential. With numerous basin designs to choose from, we have the right tailor-made sink for you.

About this Washbasin

This custom-made basin comes in a style that transforms your bathroom in a way that is unique to your bathroom’s design and space. Our tailor-made sinks can be customised in many ways, from their size to, positioning of the bowl to, the number of basins to the material and even the colour.

Sometimes it’s a case of the simpler the better, and this counter top basin is the perfect example. Elegant and understated, this counter top basin complements your bathroom’s aesthetics – it’s no wonder that this minimalistic bathroom basin is growing in popularity.


  • Width (cm) 53.5/61.3
  • Depth (cm) 28.5/29.5
  • Height (cm) 10


  • Pairs well with washbasin shelves