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Stone Project Wall Tiles

Stunning limestone effect ceramic wall tile available in 4 colour in 3 stunning designs

Stone Project Wall takes as a reference the limestones of Portuguese and Catalan origin, to propose a series of visual complements to the whole Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces. Without losing the minimalist and refined character that characterizes this series, the stone has been worked in a different way giving the whole a subtle bush hammered finish, giving rise to four new brighter shades.

The series proposes three functional reliefs and of great personality in 30x90cm: Dot, which highlights the pleasant bush-like texture of the stone; Saw representing an engraved effect of horizontal lines and Six, which forms a distracted lattice of regular hexagons.

Stone project is available in a matching porcelain tile that is available in sizes 260 x 120 / 120 x 120 / 90 x 90 / 90 x 45 / 60 x 60 / 60 x 30

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Stone Project Wall Tiles prices:

900MM X 300MM Dots £46 Per sqm
900MM X 300MM Saw £16 Each
900MM X 300MM Six £16 Each

Stone Project Wall Tiles is available in the following colours:

Stone project White Six
Stone Project White Saw
Stone Project White Dot
Stone Project Light Grey Saw
Stone project Light Grey Six
Stone Project Light Grey Dot
Stone Project Dark Grey Six
Stone Project Dark Grey Saw
Stone Project Dark Grey Dot
Stone Project Biscuit Six
Stone Project biscuit Saw
Stone Project Biscuit Dot

Stone Project Wall Tiles is available in the following sizes:

Can be used in the following