Ground Wall Tile

Stunning new designer wall tile series available in tile size 90 x 30, in 3 feature tiles and 3 colour ways
Ground Light tip
Ground light Brush
Ground Grey Tip
Ground Grey Brush
Ground Cream Brush
Ground Cream Tip

Ground Wall Tile

Ground Wall takes as a reference subtleties of the limestone of the Loire Valley, the texture of the natural cement and a smooth gradations of the clay to present a daring piece in its proposal, but versatile in its application in interiors thanks to the format 30x90cm, making it a perfect complement to Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces.

Its pieces, available in four luminous tones, are full of nuances through the different proposals of textures: Brush, which has a soft brushed texture; Tip, highlighting a set of lights and shadows in its application and Twist, a new chevron concept that confers a unique microtexture.

Ground is also available in a matching porcelain tile in sizes 90 X 90 / 90 X 45 / 60 X 60 and 60 X 30 in 6 natural colours Light, Cream, Grey, Taupe, Anthracite and Black

Ground Wall Tile is available in the following sizes:

900MM X 300MM Brushed £45.00
900MM X 300MM Tip £16.00 Each
900MM X 300mm Chevron £16.00 Each

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