Surface. Cutting edge large format concrete style porcelain tiles available in 5 colours featuring sizes 320 x 160 / 160 x 160 / 120 x 120 / 120 x 60 / 60 x 60
Surface sidewalk tile
Surface block tile
Surface yard tile
Surface dam tile
Surface path tile


Concrete has characterized and given shape to modern times. It has stepped into the new millennium as a protagonist to leave its indelible mark in architecture. Surface is the interpretation of concrete beyond its main function as building material. It becomes a new manner to decorate interiors. Surface is the expression of contemporary style.

The minimal nature of Surface gives extra value to the product.

The endless 160x320 and 160x160 sizes are a new and surprising development of the large sizes, with its extra large ceramic slabs for monumental coverings to fulfill ambitions of beauty.

  • DAM: Cool grey, to soften environments.
  • PATH: White, a classic for interior decoration.
  • YARD: Concrete, in its meaning of pure colour.
  • SIDEWALK: Dark grey, a keystone for design.
  • BLOCK: Charcoal grey, all the elegance of dark tones.
Suitable for Commercial Use  Commercial
Suitable for Domestic Use  Domestic
Suitable for External Use  External
Suitable for Internal Use  Internal
Suitable for Light Commercial Use  Light Commercial
Suitable for Underfloor Heating Use  Underfloor Heating
Suitable for Wet Room Use  Wet Rooms

Surface is available in the following sizes:

1200mm x 1200mm £65.00 + vat sqm
1200mm x 600mm £55.00 + vat sqm
600mm x 600mm £45.00 + vat sqm
1600mm x 1600mm Yard Colour Only Call for Prices
3200mm x 1600mm Yard Colour Only Call for Prices

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